‘ Stop The Robber ! ‘ Safety Campaign

Safety Campaign - ' Stop The Robber! '

Safety Campaign - ' Stop The Robber! ' (Poster prepared by Irene Kan ( JMC | Secretary )

As you can read HERE, please stop anyone following behind you without swiping their Access Card, because that person can be a thief/criminal!

Just tell them nicely to swipe their own card. If they refuse, don’t argue, but please report it to the security guard on duty, and leave the scene!

Your simple act, can save life/loss.

This ‘ Stop the Robber! ‘ Safety Awareness Campaign is brought to you by DAJMC.

Best regards,

Andee Xander
D’Alamanda’s JMC
Head of Security; Marketing, Branding & Business Development
HP: 019-366 3031
Email : andee@dalamandacondo.com

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