SOPs for Security Guards; Penalty Scheme; Insurance Coverage & Claim Procedure

Dear all residents,
Please note that our current Security Guards/Security Provider is obliged to follow this Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) in D’Alamanda Condo, to minimise risk of potential break-in & robbery in our premise.

Failing to execute the SOPs, we have all the rights to enforce the Penalty Fee for every offence they make.

Therefore, we seek your co-operation to co-operate with them :

1) whenever they try to verify you as a genuine resident, when you forgot to bring your Access Card during your entry/exit.
2) whenever they intercom you to verify that your visitor/guest is genuine.
3) whenever they ask, how many people are with you (when you swipe your card at the main Door Entrance), so that they can ensure no stranger will follow you from behind.

We also seek your co-operation to report to the Management immediately (if possible, with photo/video proof) :

1) whenever they allow anyone without Access Card, to enter the building.
2) whenever they allow any visitor/guest/deliveryboy to enter the building, without intercomming the resident first.
3) whenever they allow any contractor to enter the building, without any approval letter from the Management & confirmation from the resident first (via intercom).
4) whenever they sleep, smoke, or drink while on duty.
5) whenever the Guard Post (our Main Door Entrance) is left unattended.

Please also be informed that, if any robbery/break-in is found & proven to be caused by NEGLIGENCE of the security guard (by failing to follow the SOPs above), the Security Service Provider is obliged to compensate the monetary loss suffered by the victim. (Kindly refer the Insurance Coverage & Claim Procedure here ).

To send your feedback/complaint/enquiry, please contact us via this Contact Form.

Should you need to speak to us URGENTLY, you may always call Mr Sugu, our Building Manager, at 016-2064072, or, Mr Andee Xander, DA JMC, at 019-366 3031.

For a better & safer living!

Yours sincerely,

Andee Xander
D’Alamanda’s JMC
Marketing, Branding & Business Development
HP: 019-366 3031
Email :

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