Payment Methods

Residents can pay their Invoice/Bills, either by :

1) walk-in to Management Office (at 6th Floor) during official working hours (Mon-Fri) (9am – 5pm). Official receipt will be issued immediately.


2) online/ATM transfer to the following bank account :

Account Name: D’Alamanda Management
Account Number: 8602 1243 54
Recipient email:
Recipient reference: [ mention your Name & Unit No. here ]


Payment Notification Terms :

1) If you make payment outside of the Management Office (6th Floor) (either by cheque or online transfer), you must notify the Management Office (either by fax or email), to ensure that your payment is safely received & updated.

2) If you send the payment details via fax (at +603-9283 6119 ), you are required to call our office (at +603-9283 6018 ) to confirm that your fax has been received in good order (complete, clear & readable).

3) If you send the payment details via email (at ), you will receive our email reply within 24 hours. If no reply received within 24 hours, you are required to resend your payment details or call our office (at 603-9283 6018) immediately, for confirmation.

4) All payment details must be accompanied with a scanned copy of your payment slip (which should contain: amount, date, time, remarks, etc); as well as your Name, Unit No. and Contact No.

5) After receiving full details above, we will issue an official receipt within 24 hours. If you did not receive our official receipt, please call the office for clarification.

6) Please check your payment details are updated properly when you receive our monthly statement of account and call the office for clarification if you have any queries.

7) If you are aware that your cheque payment is not honored, you are required to reissue your cheque payment and inform our office accordingly.

8) By making Payment to D’Alamanda Condo’s bank account; you signify that you have read & understood the above Terms, and D’Alamanda Condo Management will Not be Held Responsible for Any Loss Incurred (or Inconveniences Caused), Resulting from your Failure to Adhere to the above Terms.

Thank you for your cooperation to ensure your payment is safely received & updated.

The Management.

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