Management Office

Management Office (Tel : 603-9283 6018, Fax: 603-9283 6119)
Mr Law Veng Chin – Building Manager (012-979 7466)
Ms Oscar Lee – Building Facilities Executive (016-964 9621)
Ms MohaiZura – General Clerk
Mr Andisa – Technician (017-234 6345)
Mr Hanapi – Chargeman on Call

Working Days / Hours :
Mon-Fri : 9am – 5pm
Sat : 9am – 3pm


One Response to Management Office

  1. Lim says:

    I have been trying to intercom the guard house and i realize that they do not know how to pick up the intercom. Secondly, aren’t the guards suppose to go around every floor once a while to check? It was on sunday and somehow rather my neighbour was doing renovation works. It is allowable? Is there a control? Kindly please act.